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Friday, February 23rd, 2018


Spring sunrise on Lake Muskoka

May 6, 2014 in Muskoka, Muskoka, spring

May sunrise Lake Muskoka


Barely a ripple. The only sound – and quite intense too – is birds. They started before sunrise and greeted the dawn individually. No thought of harmony. Raucous. Joyful.

Submerged dock, floating boathouse?

April 23, 2014 in boathouse, Muskoka, Port Carling, spring

Not a sun deck yet

Not a sun deck yet

Not all docks are built to the same elevation. There are docks on Lake Muskoka still above the water level. Unfortunately this dock isn’t. Currently it’s submerged by 5 or 6 inches. Duke’s Patio in Port Carling is high and dry at the moment…. a great afternoon to sit by the water!

The view’s the thing

June 10, 2013 in Muskoka, Muskoka

We were called to discuss a property on Lake Muskoka. It’s a beautifully executed, high quality build with bells and whistles that must have been invented for this place. Quite stunning. What did we like best? See below ….

The view's the thing

Gone with the Wind

May 10, 2013 in Muskoka, Muskoka

Yesterday the scream of fire engines (6 of them) gave notice something was more than amiss. A quick scan of the horizon betrayed of column of black smoke not far away on the shores of Lake Muskoka. The victim was Ballymena. A grand waterside cottage of 7000 sq ft with an assessment well north of $4 million. A gracious home that today is nothing more than charred remains. Its size and scale harkening back to the mansions destroyed by Sherman on his march from Atlanta to the sea. Gone with the Wind. Heart wrenching.

Evans 001

Not Spring yet

April 6, 2013 in Big 3, ice, Muskoka, spring, winter

Here, in Muskoka, spring arrives with crash of sorts. It’s never the same day – it’s not a date thing. It’s an ice thing. We know spring has arrived when a contractor’s truck goes through the ice on one of the Big 3. This year, spring is a long time coming. The ice is still pretty thick. We went for a drive – to see if it was spring yet. The answer? Nope! Not yet. At least, not on Lake Muskoka, by Milford Bay …

Not Spring yet

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Spring Detour

March 20, 2013 in Joseph, Lakes, Muskoka, Muskoka, Port Carling, Rosseau, snow, spring

First day of spring and with it almost 15 cm of snow and a little excitement too. A fuel transport jackknifed in the centre of Port Carling, spilling some of its load. The main road was closed for hours whiloe Hazmat did the cleanup. People travelling to Glen Orchard, Bala and Lake Joseph from Bracebridge had to detour – not just around the block. Around a lake – either Lake Muskoka or Lake Rosseau – adding at least 40 km to the journey. Some people didn’t get to work and kids travelling to highschool got the day off. Welcome to spring!First Day of Spring

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Muskoka ice

March 15, 2013 in ice, Muskoka, Muskoka, winter

Today might be February. Gone is the warm sunshine of early spring. What is left is more than a remnant of winter: hard ice and blowing snow. At the Wharf in Muskoka Bay two symbols of Muskoka summer lie at rest, wrapped and patiently waiting for exercise in balmy breezes. Both listing, because of ice. One of them could be mistaken for Shackleton’s Endeavour in the ice pack.

In the ice

 In the ice

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Muskoka Big 3 Waterfront Sales 2012

January 6, 2013 in Joseph, Muskoka, Muskoka, Rosseau

Muskoka waterfront is finite. There is only so much shoreline available.  As the saying goes, “it’s not being made anymore”. As a result, we expect a certain number of sales every year on the Big 3. The range is typically between 150 and 200 properties a year. In 2012, the number of waterfront properties sold was 166, exactly the same number of properties as the year before. The major difference was where. In 2012, the number of island properties sold was a startling 227% greater than 2011: 25 vs 11. An interesting statistic given there was only one island property sold on Lake Rosseau and 6 on Lake Joseph. There are more than 300 islands on the Big 3 lakes.

Number of properties sold in 2012

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Muskoka snow machine bridge in place

December 24, 2012 in Muskoka, Muskoka, Rosseau, winter

Although not the snow capital of Ontario, Muskoka gets snow. The lake effect from Georgian Bay is sufficient to give Muskoka a great base for winter recreational snow activities most years. In fact, about 4 years ago we received 16′ of snow in the first 2 weeks of December with 3′ in less than 24 hours. Unusual, but obviously not unheard of. Snow machining on and around the Big Lakes is a popular pastime for residents, cottagers and, visitors alike. Before the winter snows, some preparation has to be made. Just the other day, workers were busy in Port Carling placing snow machine bridge across the large lock in town on the Indian River.Snow machine bridge across the large lock

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