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Friday, January 19th, 2018


Precise ice

March 22, 2013 in ice, Joseph, Muskoka, winter

We have a friend on Lake Joseph. He’s a Professional Engineer. Nice guy. Very analytical and quite precise. A ‘hands on’ kind of guy. Definitely not what you would call OCD, but particular. He’s an engineer afterall. So it wasn’t all that suprising to see, when we went to his place on the lake, his icicles are perfectly spaced and calibrated in length. Now that’s Engineering!Precision Engineering

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Spring Detour

March 20, 2013 in Joseph, Lakes, Muskoka, Muskoka, Port Carling, Rosseau, snow, spring

First day of spring and with it almost 15 cm of snow and a little excitement too. A fuel transport jackknifed in the centre of Port Carling, spilling some of its load. The main road was closed for hours whiloe Hazmat did the cleanup. People travelling to Glen Orchard, Bala and Lake Joseph from Bracebridge had to detour – not just around the block. Around a lake – either Lake Muskoka or Lake Rosseau – adding at least 40 km to the journey. Some people didn’t get to work and kids travelling to highschool got the day off. Welcome to spring!First Day of Spring

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Muskoka ice

March 15, 2013 in ice, Muskoka, Muskoka, winter

Today might be February. Gone is the warm sunshine of early spring. What is left is more than a remnant of winter: hard ice and blowing snow. At the Wharf in Muskoka Bay two symbols of Muskoka summer lie at rest, wrapped and patiently waiting for exercise in balmy breezes. Both listing, because of ice. One of them could be mistaken for Shackleton’s Endeavour in the ice pack.

In the ice

 In the ice

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Turkey tracks

March 5, 2013 in Muskoka, snow, turkeys, Wildlife

Wild turkeys. They’re everywhere in Muskoka. They range from Manitoba to the Maritimes – millions of them.  They’re big birds. Only one native bird is heavier. Male wild turkeys frequently top 30 lbs. Although ungainly, they can fly up to 100 kph for more than 500 metres. They stand more than 4′ in height. Seeing their tracks in the snow can make you think one of the raptors from Jurassic Park is on the loose. These prints are next to a size 8 adult boot.

Turkey Tracks

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Snowy Day

March 2, 2013 in Muskoka, Rosseau, snow

As the saying goes. “it comes and it goes”. So far, this winter, it’s kept coming. While the GTA had rain, Muskoka had snow, while the GTA had snow, Muskoka had more snow. It can be very pretty and, it can be very heavy. On the day this picture was taken it was almost 10 hours before we could get out the laneway. We were forced to enjoy the view. It comes …but when will it go?

Snowy Day

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Ice Scupture on Lake Rosseau

February 20, 2013 in Big 3, ice, Muskoka, Rosseau, snow, winter

Every day for the last couple of weeks, two guys (and sometimes 3) have laboriously made their way across the lake through slush, ice and snow to an island property where they are working. Their ATV has pulled a trailer, carved a trail across the lake and, done yeoman service. Fitted with tracks, in place of wheels, it has been able to haul a considerable amount of material. Today, after 24 hours of warming temperatures, mixed precipitation, driving snow and windy conditions, the roadway disappeared. Watching them progress, they seemed to be moving slower and slower while the machine labored on. Then they slowed to a stop and the machine quit. Frozen to the spot. An unwitting ice sculpture on Lake Rosseau.

Iced in place

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Cold Muskoka

February 16, 2013 in ice, Muskoka, snow, winter

It’s bright, sunny and -19C. The weathernetwork says Muskoka has reached its high for the day (time 0925) and we’ll be getting progressively colder as the sun gets higher in the sky. Snow crunches and squeaks underfoot. Ice grew on the lake last night – and these guys, some of them without hats – and many without gloves are braving the cold for fresh lake trout.


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Ice Fishers

January 26, 2013 in ice, Lakes, Muskoka, Rosseau, snow, winter

Back to the quiet of Lake Rosseau after 2 days of meetings in the noise and bustle of Ontario’s capital city. Sun, snow and ice combine to give Muskoka a different pace and quality of life in winter. Our laneway was busy with parked trucks (the preferred conveyance of Muskoka Men), ATV’s were engaged pulling sheds with shacks on them across the frozen lake. While others, with less patience, brushed off the snow and augered holes through the ice. Lake ice here is about 6″ thick – which certainly isn’t enough to protect the lake trout below from completing someone’s plate at dinner this evening.

Ice Fishers

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Muskoka winter

January 21, 2013 in Lakes, Moon River, Muskoka, snow

Snow Squalls Saturday night. Bright sun on Sunday. Snow was brilliant white bouncing off the clear blue skies. One of those postcard perfect days – even though it got progressively colder as the day went on. The Moon River at Bala was revelling in the light. Gorgeous!

Moon River

The Moon River at Bala

Frosted Lake Squares

January 18, 2013 in ice, Lakes, Rosseau, snow

Take 1 lake of super cooled water, remove all wind, drop temperature to -22C for at least six hours. Add: light dusting of snow for garnish. Et Voila! Overnight Frosted Lake Squares…. freezy come!

Frosted Lake Rosseau Lake Rosseau Ice

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