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Friday, February 23rd, 2018


We at Rosskoka Team are often asked how to choose a realtor. Although many people have traditionally gone to friends, more are realizing that real estate is a significant asset and are beginning to take a business approach in making their realtor selection.

We would be asking the following important questions

  1. How well do they know the market?
  2. How well do they market to the market?
  3. Can they provide the kind of service our property deserves to set it apart?
  4. How well do they communicate?
  5. What is their track record of success?
  6. What do their clients say about them?

How well does Rosskoka know the market?

Peter and Ross have worked together in this market since 2004, forming Rosskoka Team in 2005. They annually publish their market analysis and make it available to their clients. Interestingly, other realtors in their office now look to Rosskoka to provide them with market statistics for their own planning purposes. Throughout the season they provide quarterly updates on Lakes Muskoka, Joseph and Rosseau.

Many of their clients have choices. Buying a cottage is discretionary. Owners want to know they are making a wise investment. At some time they may choose to exit the market or move to another location. They trust Rosskoka’s analysis and judgment to assist them in making informed choices about what to buy, when to sell and at what level.

How well do they market to the market?

Today, the internet is the backbone of cottage marketing. More than 92% of real estate business comes from the ‘net. Rosskoka has the largest self-generated database of cottage prospects that they know of. There are more than 6000 names on their regularly updated list with more than 1200 active and categorized into price ranges. Their data base typically grows by 35 new names each week. They reach to their data base regularly and frequently with real estate news, new listings and value offerings. They keep their customer base informed.

Rosskoka recently invested several thousands of dollars to integrate their web presence so that facebook, their blog (rosskoka.blogspot.ca), twitter and, their websites are all linked and working in concert. Through REMAX, Rosskoka has the largest web presence of any real estate company in North America. Our company – REMAX Hallmark – has over 550 agents in Toronto and Muskoka. They carry Rosskoka listings on their websites.

Locally Rosskoka maintains a high community profile – they sponsor to Bala’s own New Actors’ Colony Theatre. They have sponsored charity golf tournaments, are strongly associated with Muskoka Hospice and Habitat for Humanity. In August, the “My Muskoka” article in Muskoka Magazine was written by Monika Schnarre, wife of Rosskoka team member, Storey Badger.

Can they provide the kind of service our property deserves to set it apart?

Rosskoka believe every property has its own niche. They craft their service to represent the niche, maximize first impressions and meet the needs of the sellers.

They have opened and closed cottages for the season on behalf of our sellers. Some are remote from Muskoka and traveling back is onerous. Some clients have security concerns because of artwork and other valuables on site. For them, Rosskoka provide a concierge service of opening and locking the cottage for every showing – and being on site in the event of questions.

Rosskoka is a team of 4 licensed realtors and with that, the flexibility to ensure that service requirements are met and exceeded.


How well do they communicate?

As part of the listing agreement, Rosskoka set out the basis for communication. Selling a property can be a lengthy proposition. It can also be stressful. They know that by establishing communication expectations and requirements up front, they align expectations and reduce stress.

Rosskoka always communicate after a showing. They always provide market analysis and updates – especially when another property is listed or has a price change that could impact your property. We will agree on the frequency of regular communication. Some clients only want to hear from their realtor when there has been a status change, others prefer to hear weekly or bi-monthly regardless.

Rosskoka’s communication plan is flexible to meet your preferences.

What is their track record of success?

Rosskoka Team is among the most successful realtors in Muskoka/Haliburton. For the last 3 years no one has sold more Muskoka waterfront property than they have (Muskoka Haliburton Association of Realtors data). For the last several years the average number of waterfront ‘ends’ a Muskoka realtor can expect is 3. Last year Rosskoka had 38 and YTD have 26.

Other than the numbers, the real ‘tale of the tape’ is the number of clients who return to Rosskoka for second and third transactions. This year they have more than $10 million of property sold and/or listed with people they have worked with previously.

Having a network and data base is one thing. Having the ability to make that database and network work is another. Rosskoka Team is full time. They work for you.

What do their clients say about them?

What clients say about our work is critical to our success. There is a section in this web site devoted to client comments. We welcome your perusal. We are happy to put you in touch with people we have worked with and for – so your questions can be answered directly.

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